Tuesday, July 1, 2008

America's First All-Organic Restaurant

Gusto OrganicsWhile it may be easy to eat organically at home, food sourcing becomes more difficult when eating out. While some restaurants feature "natural" meats or a few more "green" choices on the menu, it is hard and practically impossible sometimes to be reassured which foods are organic. Well this roadblock all changed in January with the opening of the first ever USDA approved all organic restaurant, highlighted in this article from msnbc.com.

Get Fresh! America's First All-Organic Restaurant

I sprinkle my cereal with organically-farmed blueberries, the spinach in my salad is nothing but organic, and the only meat that passes through my lips is antibiotic and hormone-free (and organic). I can proudly state that my fridge is often stocked with the makings of at least two divine repasts that are free from chemically-treated ingredients, but yet the question always lingers: What happens when I dine out?

Until recently, it wasn’t difficult to find a restaurant that featured a handful of organic ingredients, but a menu that boasted 100 percent organic ingredients simply didn’t exist. Then January 9, 2008, rolled around and marked a day in dining history — when
Gusto Organics, the first USDA-approved, 100 percent organic restaurant opened its doors.

Read the entire story about Gusto Organics here.

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