Thursday, July 3, 2008

Organic Testimonial

Peggy FlemingOrganics are available more and more every day, and consumers are seeing the affects of this new niche market. Peggy Fleming, an Olympic figure skating champion, is now testifying for Healthsaver. This article from Fox Business shares her opinion as well as helpful statistics on organic foods.

Figure Skater Peggy Fleming Teams With HealthSaver: Go Organic for Quality, Natural Food

The organic food that reaches your grocery's shelves retains the genuine flavor nature intended and often contains more nutrients than its counterpart. With the popularity of organic food on the rise, consumers now find organic produce, meat and dairy products more accessible than ever.

"The difference between conventional food and organic food can be traced back to the farm," said Peggy Fleming, Olympic figure skating champion and HealthSaver spokesperson.

Organic farmers ensure natural, quality food by growing produce without pesticides and chemicals, and raising livestock without unnecessary genetic or hormonal practices.

"Certified organic farms are also earth-friendly," said Brad Eggleston, vice president of HealthSaver.

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