Monday, August 4, 2008

Weed Problems

Weed ControlOrganic farmers always face a difficult production situation when it comes to weed control. Because no chemicals can be used to kill weeds when a farm is certified organic, the farmer must find alternative solutions to weed problems. This article from the Journal Gazette out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, features a new organic farm and some of the steps they have taken to combat weeds.

Organic Farm Takes Root

The row of black raspberry bushes seemed to stretch to the horizon, and each plant needed to be weeded.

I usually fight only dandelions and thistles in my quarter-acre yard, and that is a losing proposition. Joseph Graber must combat the weeds on his 40-acre field – a battlefield about 160 times larger than my yard. And he can’t take the easy way out by spraying weed killer – this particular field is certified organic.

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