Monday, July 28, 2008

Growth of Community Gardens

Organic community gardens have seen growth in many communities across the nation. When a community invests in something for the betterment of the entire area residents, it is not hard to see how many people step up and get involved. Organic gardens are a great part of a up and coming community.

Community Gardens Growing in Popularity Amid Rising Food Prices, Health Scares

Community gardens are full for the first time in years, seed sales are up and memberships in home gardening groups are gaining -- part of a movement among Americans concerned with food prices, the environment and food safety.
In a growth spurt compared by some industry experts to the organic gardening movement spurred by the 1970s energy crisis, more people are raising their own fruits and vegetables.

Rialto resident Henry Carey grows all the produce he needs -- strawberries, greens, melons and more -- on his three large plots in a city-sponsored community garden.

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