Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Organic Agriculture Degree

It is real: people are taking notice in organics. For the first time in history, an online degree is offered in organic agriculture from Washington State University. Courses related to organics are available to students of all backgrounds--these online classes are very convenient for those wishing to further their education of organic production but who are not near Washington state.

Washington State University Nation's First Online Organic Ag Certificate

Washington State University, the first institution in the country offering an academic major in organic agriculture, now offers the nation's initial online certificate in that field.

"The U.S. organic food industry has grown at a rate of 20-30% each year for more than a decade, and is really challenged to find employees who understand the unique approaches used in organic agriculture," says Kim Kidwell, associate dean for the academic programs in the College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resources Sciences.

"Those who complete the certificate will have the credibility they need to succeed in one of the fastest-growing industries in the country," she believes.

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Brian Charles Clark said...

Thanks very much for posting this! I just want to clarify that we're not offering an online degree in organic ag, but rather have an online certificate program. The difference may be moot to most folks, but for those looking for a bachelor's or graduate degree in organic ag, it's crucial. Thanks, Brian, Washington State University College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences

Brian Charles Clark said...

And one other correction: I notice the quote attributed to Kim Kidwell links to the department of natural resource sciences here at WSU. For those interested in learning more about the College of Ag at WSU, and particularly the online organic ag certificate program, please visit http://cahnrsnews.wsu.edu/reportertools/news/2008/organic-cert-2008-04.html.