Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Side Order of Conscience with your Meal

In Maine, one student in particular proved to be the exception to most college kids these days. After going to college and learning from local farmers, Katherine Creswell decided to make a change and work in organics.

A Side Order of Conscience with your Meal

When someone goes off to study at Bates College in Lewiston, you expect him or her to major in art history or maybe East Asian studies and then go on to get a law degree or pursue a career as an archeologist. The last thing you expect is for a Bates grad to become a farmer. But that’s exactly what Katherine Creswell did.

“My freshman year in college I took a course offered by two local farmers,” Creswell recalls. “It changed my life. It became extremely clear that I wanted to be a farmer.”

Today the 24-year-old serves as the full-time coordinator of Bowdoin College’s two organic gardens in Brunswick. These gardens help the school source 20% of its food locally.

Even though her career choice may be unusual, it’s no surprise that Creswell is a big proponent of eating locally-grown and raised foods. She says this food preference is based on “personal philosophy, more than anything.”

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