Monday, June 9, 2008

Sassy Cow Goes Organic

Organic DairyIn Columbus, Wisconsin, Sassy Cow is known for processing, bottling, and retailing their own milk. This farm has 400 Holsteins and Brown Swiss that are milked conventionally, but they also have 100 cows that are organically fed. Here is their story.

Columbus Area Creamery Part of a Growing Trend: Processor, Packager, Retailer

As a yellow school bus filled with visitors drove down the lane of Rob Baerwolf's dairy farm, Baerwolf quipped, "Now, don't those look like sassy cows?"

They looked like — well, like a Wisconsin dairy herd. Several hundred cows, mostly Holsteins and an occasional Brown Swiss, licked salt or munched on feed in the barn, and one mother fed her hours-old calf.

What sets the cows apart, however, is what becomes of their milk. The same farmers who milk the cows also bottle it and sell it.

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