Monday, June 2, 2008

Missouri Organic Mulch Made from Missouri Waste Paper

Local and organic: what better product can you get? EcoCover is an opportunity to start your own contributions to the organic industry in a different way than most typical organic production (consisting of growing food products). EcoCover is an organic mulch that can be manufactured right here in our very own Missouri.

That's the EcoCover Proposition: Local Business Producing A Local Benefit

EcoCover® is dedicated to provide products globally that sustain and benefit the environment. The EcoCover business is a wonderful example of a commitment to the three pillars of sustainability - environmental, economic and social.

EcoCover mulch mat is primarily produced from waste paper removed directly from the landfill waste stream, having a number of unique product attributes that richly benefit the plant, soil and environment. EcoCover mulch and fertilizer enriched mulch mats are a 'world first' in providing a cost-effective substitute for plastic and other mulch systems used in the horticultural, agricultural and land management industries. EcoCover is unique in the sense that it is the world's most complete plant mulch.

EcoCover Mulch Mat:

Patented, organic, compostable, biodegradable, conserves water, reduces plant mortality, controls weeds, promotes plant growth, moderates soil temperature, reduces soil erosion, eliminates or reduces herbicide use and a carrier of beneficial additives for the soil.

Read more about EcoCover here.

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