Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dairy Specializes in Local Organic Market

Radiance DairyIn Missouri, organic dairies may not be the largest sector of the agricultural industry in the state. However, in other parts of the nation, organic dairies are flourishing. In our neighboring state of Iowa, one farm family has capitalized on the newly developed market of organic dairy products.

Dairy Specializes in Local Organic Market
Having a market for products is what all farmers must do, but creating a successful market for a specialty product is just what southeast Iowa dairy farmer Francis Thicke has done.

Thicke and his wife, Susan, own Radiance Dairy, an organic dairy located near Fairfield. They milk about 80 Jersey cows now, but the dairy started in 1980 when several families mutually purchased two Jersey cows for their own private raw milk supply. They continually expanded and grew.

Now they supply organic milk and dairy products to a local grocery store and about a dozen restaurants in the Fairfield area.

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