Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Parents Push for Organic School Lunches

In Iowa, some are seeing the value in organic foods being served to people of all ages and backgrounds. Parents are coming to the forefront in organic lunch promotion in schools so their children can live the healthiest lifestyle possible. The Des Moines Register shows in this article that there are farmers are willing and able to provide the organic foods affordably to schools.

Parents push for organic school lunches

Nearly 300
Iowa City parents have signed a petition to get more organic, locally grown food into their youngsters' school lunches.

Food service coordinators for three Iowa school districts say they are trying to buy more local food, but organic fare is nearly impossible without drastically increasing meal costs.

"There needs to be a reality check," said
Diane Duncan-Goldsmith, director of food services for the Iowa City school district. "Is this something schools can do? Maybe if we want to have $4 or $5 lunches."
Other school districts nationally are offering organic foods, with one district dropping desserts in order to offer the fare.

Better Iowa City School Food committee will deliver its petition to the Iowa City school board Tuesday, said Deirdre Egan, an Iowa City mother of four.

The petition asks the board to implement a wellness policy requiring the district's schools to use fresh, locally grown and organic ingredients "to the extent possible."

Parents in the group have a range of goals, including cutting the use of sugar and processed meats, Egan said. However, "if we had to make a list of priorities, organics are probably in our top five."

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