Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Organic Lanscaping Advice

Organic LandscapeScott Reil, an organic landscaper, has grown in his knowledge of organic procedures since his work started with Safelawns and Landscapes LLC. Scott has all the how-to advice for a successful organic landscape in this feature article by Eyewitness News.

Organic Landscaper Gives Q&A

Safelawns is a company that provides organic lawncare & landscaping services at an individual’s home or business. They have soil testing on site as part of the services they provide. Organic Landscaper Scott Reil of Safelawns & Landscapes, LLC sat down with Eyewitness News.

EWN: Why is soil testing so important?
Reil: It's like they say at the baseball game: You can't tell the players without a scorecard, we can't tell what's going on with your soil until we've actually tested it. So basically we ask people to go throughout their yards, take a couple sample points. If we're coming out, we'll do it ourselves. The soil can be distinctly different throughout your yard. If you have a low wet spot versus a high sandy bank, you want to try to get the average of the two. If they're very, very different and they're big enough spots, you may want to create separate soil samples rather than just test a single soil sample.

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