Thursday, May 22, 2008

Candy Expo Highlights Gourmet, Premium and Organic Products

Some would never expect the wide array of organic products available to consumers--including organic candy! featured this article about how organic candies are playing a primary role in the Candy Expo in Chicago, Illinois.

Candy Expo Highlights Gourmet, Premium and Organic Products

The All Candy Expo currently taking place in Chicago is highlighting gourmet, premium and organic products, which organizers say is the fastest growing segment in the confectionery and snack market.

These more upmarket products are given their own space in the newly expanded Gourmet Marketplace, where new premium confectionery and snack products can be seen and sampled and confectioners demonstrate their craft.

Premium innovations and organic and ethically sourced products continue to pour onto the market as consumers see chocolate as a rewarding and luxurious treat and become more concerned about the provenance of their confectionery.
In March this year, Nestlé announced the establishment of a research and development center dedicated entirely to dark and premium chocolate.

In addition, reflective of its continued popularity, organic chocolate brand
Green & Black's (part of Cadburys) has just been awarded three prizes by readers of UK Good Housekeeping in the magazine's Food Awards for best organic product available in a supermarket, favorite Fairtrade product and favourite comfort food.

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