Monday, April 14, 2008

Organic Farming Changes Lives

Organic ProduceWhile organic farming and farmers' markets often please the consumers and producers involved, they are not always life changing. Here is a story from The Monitor about how one woman's life was altered completely due to her new experiences in organic farming.

Organic Farmers Market Reaps Huge Rewards

For 18 years, Maria SaldaƱa of San Juan worked at a plant in McAllen that produced military MREs, or meals ready to eat.

She'd planned to work there until retirement. But then in summer 2006, the company announced it was re-locating to another state.

Suddenly, Maria and her co-workers were unemployed.

"I got so depressed," Maria said. "And at my age, it's not easy finding a job. I stayed home and I worried a lot. I got sick and ended up in the hospital."

Then Maria heard about a program run by Texas AgriLife Extension Service that teaches colonia residents like her to grow organic vegetables in their back yards and sell them at a farmers market.

Read the full story here.

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