Friday, April 25, 2008

Organic Baby Clothing

Organic Baby Clothing Many mothers today may be choosing to purchase their children organic foods in order to be putting the safest dinner possible in front of their kids every night. Here is one mother's experiences with organic clothing and how she is becoming more and more apt to purchase it.

Organic Baby Clothing
Before I had my children, I had not imagined I would belong to a mothers group. Be that as it may, now that I am finally a new mother, chatting to other parents about what is happening in my life has benefited me immensely. We talk about how we raise our children, what to do and not to do, we share recipes, and we love to discuss the latest baby outfits we have bought.

I usually go out with 3 other women, once a month, to hear about the latest happenings. We often meet at Birdie’s Family Dining in Chicago as that is fairly central for all of us. Last time was really exciting as we chatted about organic baby clothing. I have been providing my baby organic produce from the start but I had never thought about getting organic clothing for her.

Cotton is one of the most broadly grown products in the world and one of the most harmful to the habitat and to farm workers. The run off from non-organic cotton farms has ruined the environment and in particular water ways. Organic products are produced without the need for artificial fertilisers and insecticides. Instead, organic farming relies on things like crop rotation, improving soils naturally, and using organic pest control practices.

Purchasing organic clothes means you are buying clothes which have been produced in an eco-friendly manner, or at a minimum in a way which causes less damage to the environment. No or less use of herbicides and fertilizers means less pollution of our land and lakes, less diseases for farm workers, and fewer health risks for our children by reducing their contact with dangerous chemicals.

Many retailers of baby clothes also sell a range of organic clothing or you can find retailers completely dedicated to organic baby clothes. Anyway, there are a lot of brands to choose from and all ages are provided for, from babies to teenagers. Obviously, organic fashion for men and women is also accessible and I am looking into that for myself and my partner.
I would not go as far to say that I am only ever going to buy organic cotton or bamboo clothing (which is an excellent alternative to regular or organic cotton) for my children but I am most definitely going try to whenever it is available.

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