Thursday, December 20, 2007

Organic Fertilizer: Soil Amendment Can Boost Profit

Wonder Grow is an approved organic fertilizer and soil amendment, can help agricultural producers sell organic while boosting yield, disease and pest-resistant production, regardless of growing system used, at a price no higher than traditional chemical treatments.

The organic fertilizer-soil amendment combines seaweed and yucca, two leading organic farming compounds used separately for decades but never before combined. With potassium, B-vitamins, trace minerals, rooting hormones and microbial activity, Wonder Grow is a multipurpose plant food that can be used as a starter fertilizer, penetrant, root builder, anti-stress compound, and for mineral nutrition. Whether sprayed on leaves, watered into soil or both, it's designed to boost the natural immune system of seeds, seedlings, adult plants, fruits, vegetables, and orchard trees.

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